Emergency Battens


Emergency Battens

An emergency light is a battery-backed lighting device that switches on automatically when a building experiences a power outage and is needed in all scenarios in commercial spaces meaning that areas like warehouses and car parks will still need to be lit in case of an emergency.

We offer high quality LED Emergency Batten Lights backed with a 3-years Manufacturers Warranty. It’s an Indoor lighting with IP42, which can be used at supper market, family mart, corridor, parking lots, factory, warehouse, school, hospital, public building, metro station, train station, airport terminal and etc .

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Are you ready to reduce cost on your electricity bills?

LED Tubes

Designed to operate for 50,000 hours.

Reduce T8 ‘fluro’ tube energy consumption by 70%.

Uses just 10.5W of power for same brightness as old 36W fluros or previous model 18W LED tubes.

The T8 LED tube, on the other hand, consumes just 10.5 Watts in total. That’s an energy saving over 70%.

Fits all standard T8 light fittings ‘4 foot’ (~1.2m) in length. This item replaces regular 36W fluoro tubes with a 10.5W LED.

Regular T8 fluorescent lamps consume 36 Watts of power with a further ~9 Watts lost in the magnetic ballast. As a result, total power consumption per lamp is around 45 Watts.

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Immediate Cost savings of Guaranteed 70 to 90% on your Electricity Bills by upgrading to our Energy-Efficient LED lighting products.

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