Flat Panel LED Lights


LED Panel Light

Not only appealing by its sleek design, its saves more than 60% energy and is a win-win for all our clients, mostly used in offices, retail units, universities & hospitals to create a welcoming experience.

Here’s the deal:
SAVE ENERGY UPTO 60% – Low-wattage LED panel lighting (25 watts) saves upto 60% energy consumption compared to old fluorescent lights & with the modern beam angle which results in your work place to be exceptionally bright using less energy.

BRIGHT, CLEAN AND SLIM DESIGN – Beautiful slim design for the best looks, high quality lighting fixtures for your everyday spaces.

RELIABLE, LOW MAINTENANCE – Our LED lighting solutions help reduce maintenance, reduce energy use and achieve sustainability goals, positively impacting your bottom line.

UPGRADE TO LED WITH REBATE: Our most popular LED panel light now with govt rebate for business operating in NSW.

At LED EDGE we always work with the latest technology products in the market. Designed and engineered to maximize the benefits of LED lighting, our low-wattage LED panel lighting (25 watts) saves upto 60% energy consumption compared to old fluorescent lights & with the modern beam angle which results in your work place, showrooms, hospitals and schools is extremely bright and positive.

Our smart and simple indoor lighting solutions provide a multitude of advanced capabilities for managing energy, minimizing wasted light and power, and providing feedback to users that will optimize lighting utilization and performance over time.


The LED Edge panels can be installed with ease and are maintenance free, saving you from the hassle of changing globes. Our Qualified & experienced technicians swap your lights from fluros to LEDs at ease to make the process seamless.

Our LED panels are approved by IPART Program and meets all Australian standards.

Our Clients

Allied Mills
Aus Reo
Mercedes Benz
GE Communications
Inova Purifiers
NSW Govt
Ray White Real Estate
Sydney Skydivers

Are you ready to reduce cost on your electricity bills?

Panel lights

Massive energy savings – reduce energy consumption over 60% (for a twin T8 tube fitting).

Easy handling and installation – product only weighs 3kg and is 10.5mm thick. This is a big improvement on the old cumbersome fluorescent light fittings.

Wide compatibility – suits all common ceiling grid layouts. It is ideal for replacing either T8 or T5 fluorescent lighting.

Lower maintenance – reduce maintenance costs with a long fixture lifetime. There is no need for lamp replacements!

Flat Panel

FAQs – General Questions

Can we remove the old Fluro lights and install panel lights?
Yes, in most cases they are the same size cutouts, so we can remove the whole fitting and install the new LED fitting in the offices and warehouses.
What’s the wattage before and after?

Most of the old Fluro fittings are approx. 80 – 92 watts, where the latest LED panels are 25/30 and 40 watts.

Who much energy do I save with the lightning swap ?
On typical swap business save almost 80% energy from the traditional Fluro to LEDs.
Are they Rebates available for businesses in NSW and VIC?
Businesses in NSW and VIC are eligible for swapping lights to LEDs under the rebate program, get in touch with one of our consultants and we should be able to provide an obligation free site Audit.
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Energy Savings
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5 Year Warranty

Immediate Cost savings of Guaranteed 70 to 90% on your Electricity Bills by upgrading to our Energy-Efficient LED lighting products.

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